UI Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer
Site: https://www.carphonewarehouse.com/
Date: 30/4/18 – 15/5/20


Checkout security update with 3D secure authentication

The checkout page needed urgent update to comply with the Payment services (PSD 2) – EU Directive. 3D secure authentication was also introduced which verify the customer card details directly from the bank.

In order to develop the solution we integrated with a third party Payment Services called Verifone.

Checkout page Payment page 3DS secure example

Enhanced Trade-in journey

Solution To help customers afford the latest phones we completely overhauled our trade in customer journey. making it easier for customers to sell or recycle their old device(s) for cash to put towards their next purchase.

Coding updates touched every page of the entire website. Utilising the user session to show the trade-in device information whilst the user is browsing across any page.

Trade-in device prices and conditions were retrieved via API and information stored on users session.

Trade in page Trade in device page Trade in product page
Trade in basket page

Insurance component

Insurance component integrated into AEM. The content is populated from backend and the UI module made flexible for unlimited amount of content. The module is also responsive.

Trade in page

Device changer

Component developed in AngularJS pulling in JSON data from Search & Promote REST API. The component allows you to find a device and model based on manufacturer. Once the device has been selected a final call will be made to pull in tariffs and deals for the device.


Site optimisation

Main site navigation redesign

I developed the main site navigation with the guidelines from design team. The new navigation was taken through rigorous testing, research and user testing. Once this was ready for implementation I ensured

Desktop nav Mobile nav Mobile nav expanded


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