I was hired by BSkyB as the first permanent developer in my department to push my expertise on back-end and front-end to see projects through the full life cycles.

Front-end focus meant sites had to be w3c valid while maintaining a high standard of search engine optimisation and WAI accessibility. Our sites were customer facing which meant browser and operating system consistency from ie6 to the latest Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

I also contributed to set-up of infrastructure across the projects from databases, server side Apache CENTOS server and PHP configuration set-up

In my last year at Sky, I excelled my role as a web developer to also start working as a Business analyst where I would meet clients to spec out tasks, wifre-frame diagrams and negotiate deadlines while at the same time hosting planning meetings with my team consisting of developers, testers and designers to gather time-lines and information/breakdown of tasks.


Sky Portfolio

I played a large contribution to over 40 projects. 19 Sites which I worked on as a sole developers. My portfolio in my 5 years at Sky consists off:


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