Natasha O’Kane, Programme Manager, Sony

I have worked with Jas for last 2 years at Sony. He is a highly competent senior develop skilled in AEM, CQ6, UI development, Single page applications, Responsive, and has a keen eye for detail producing high quality work.
He is an excellent solution designer, thinking outside of the box and always offering up new innovative solutions, making sure we are maximising our delivery, and working as efficiently as possible. Jas stepped up and took a key role in the continuous integration/delivery initiative, adding expertise and value to the project.

As a senior member of the team, his colleagues can rely on him for leadership and guidance. He works well with business stakeholders and maintains excellent relationships with them. From a project management perspective, he is brilliant to work with. Providing succinct updates and transparent with his deliverables, always keeping you up to date on any situation that may arise.
I would happily continue to work with Jas in the future and hope to do so.

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