Lead senior Frontend developer
Site: https://akinova.com/
Date: 12/07/2021-29/5/22


  • NextJS & React – Development of multiple sites utilising NextJS for Serverside rendering of React components
  • Lead and integrated improvements of Typescript, Storybook, Jest, React Testing library, Rollup, Google Tag Manager and Analytics, React Intl (locale and translations), Websockets, Material UI.
  • Creation of React hook for browser messaging solution across browser tabs utilising the postMessage() api.
  • Styling of components with Styled-components and emotion/style
  • Coding standards with Eslint, prettier and storybook styling rules
  • Support for WordPress, Responsive applications,
  • Creation of common library as react NPM package
  • API spikes for LinkedIn, Payment/ID verification
  • Working with designer to setup new digital asset library and setup style rules for entire company

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