Cabinet Office | Number 10



  • Ownership of the full cycle of coding, including development, testing, deployment, maintenance, improvement and documentation. Architect and setup of frontend infrastructure: NextJS, Typescript, MUI, Emotion, Eslint, Prettier, Storybook, Tailwind, Jest unit tests, React-query, React form hooks
  • High code coverage of all code via Unit test with 187 tests of states such as success, error. Isolating components by mocking components and data requests
  • Setup Github workflow to automate storybook deployment/hosting, lightning and unit test automation checks
  • Creation of frontend starterkit ( to enable team to install new instances of frontend via ‘npx’ one line commands
  • Developed an entire application ( for civil service to record skills, learning records and generate reports. Fully responsive, high accessibility and 188 written unit tests. Converted from Figma
  • Contribution towards GovUK design system GIT repository 
  • Development of short React applications projects for Prime minister (NDA)
  • Development of entire frontend design system for Python applications. Utilising Vite, Storybook, Typescript, Web components and Python Jinja template language
  • Architect best solutions depending on requirements such as frontend starter kit, external design library, native web components for non-react projects e.g. python, live documentation e.g. storybook

    • Lead  React and integrated Typescript, Storybook, Jest, React Testing library, Rollup, Google Tag Manager and Analytics, React Intl (locale and translations),  Websockets, Material UI and Figma
    • Creation of React hook for browser messaging solution across browser tabs utilising the postMessage() api.
    • Styling of components with Styled-components and emotion/style
    • Coding standards with eslint, prettier and storybook styling rules
  • Support for WordPress, Responsive applications, 
  • Creation of common library as react npm package
  • API spikes for LinkedIn, Payment/ID verification
  • Working with designer to setup new digital asset library and setup style rules for entire company

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