Web developer/Newsletter Producer

  • Duration: 04 July 2005 – 21 May 2007
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  • SkillsHTML Newsletter and ISP friendly code, XHTML W3c hand coded microsites, javascript validation, Intranet development, whitelisting, spam analysis, database cleansing (Microsoft SQL Server), report and anlysis, SQL data retrieval, list aquisition.


Working as a Lyris Newsletter Producer at in the newsletter department at I was responsible for technical aspects of the newsletter from development, reporting and analysis, databases to list aquisituon. Within 2 years I helped to raise newsletter deliverability to 98%, whitelist at all major domains and help to grow the list with quality leads.

  • Newsletter development: I researched into compatibility issues by testing and analysis to create newsletters with minimum code and compatible with different email providers and browsers.
  • Whitelisting: maintaining a healthy relationship with various ISPs to whitelist newsletter IP address. Also analysed weekly bounces, setup automated feedback loops for automatic removal of bad data, spam analysis report for editors. Newsletter whitelisted at all large majority of ISP’s including Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, AOl.
  • Microsites: Construction of on-line w3c complient dynamic pages in ASP/XML
  • Reporting: use of handcoded SQL (SQL Enterprise) to extract specific reports for various analysis requirements. Reporting includes newsletter delivery, list aquisition reviews and list performances.
  • Live feed: Creation of live feed to automate list aquisituon from various partners. This was developed from SOAP/XML, ASP and XHTML. High quality validation was also created for fields such as Email, postcode.
  • Intranet development: Responsible for development of company dynamic intranet in pure XHTMLCSS and ASP
  • List aquisition: Responsible for setting up microsites, competitions, reports and communicating/liasing directly with various list aquisition partners such as Pigsback and IPT.
  • Competitions, polls and surveys: I handcoded w3c complient pages and set them up to send data striaght into the email system. Javascript was also used to setup high quality email and postcode validation
  • In-house system Helped to migrate from CheetahMail to a complete in-house email marketing list provider: Lyris

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