Shagun Wedding services

Shagun Wedding services is a firm based in Toronto, Canada. Consisting of young hospitality professionals with vast international experience in 5 star hotels and resorts. The deal in hosting and coordinating a variety of events:

  • Wedding, engagements and anniversaries
  • Cooperate events
  • Theme parties
  • Cocktails
  • Incentive Meets

My role for Shagun Wedding services was for the development of a on-line presence and wedding service website. This was a very interesting project as the requirements were to have rich multimedia images and animation, audio yet at the same time keeping the file size to a minimum. The best solution in which to create such a media rich site would be in flash, and although this was my first time using Macromedia Flash in such detail, I managed to complete the project successfully and at the same time gain a good education in Flash.

I also wanted to allow Shagun Wedding Services to be able to update the site as freely as they wish. Although a flash is not the easiest to modify without the original source file, i managed to incorporate XML files which store content to allow easy modification of site content.

  • Rich in graphics and audio
  • Low file size
  • XML external files for easy updating of site content
  • ‘Pre-loading function’ created to allow animated loading scroll bar

View the full site developed by Jaspaul

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