Sony Playstation


  • AEM – Develop UI Responsive Modules within AEM/CQ 6 within SVN and Git Repos.
  • Introduction of LESS. Complete conversion of all CSS. All values stored into variables and functions.
  • Ensuring modules support for devices, consoles, TV, over 70 countries including RTL
  • Jasmine test – Unit tests
  • Setup of Jenkins code coverage, sonarqube and linting reports for CSS and JS files
  • Building pages and modules with JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, JSP
  • Supporting adaptive and responsive pages from a wide range of devices from tablets, Playstation consoles, handhelds, handsets to desktops with different operating systems and browser versions.
  • Creating advanced modules such as search, accordions, smooth scrolling and animations effects.
  • Agile environment in a scrum team with testers, backend developers and designers with weekly reviews to product owners.
  • Fixing bugs and issues across the site
  • Optimisation – lazyloading and conversion of all site icons to font icons & SVG
  • Supporting of legacy devices with limited CSS/HTML/JS e.g. Playstation 3, IE9, Older Android and iPhone devices


Banner redesign

All legacy banners updated to support:

  • Animation intro (see video)
  • Mobile, Tablets and Desktop
  • Lazy loading of various images
  • Scene7 compression
  • Code cleanup


Help & Support

Complete overhaul of legacy help and support. Mew features introduced:

  • Built in AngularJS
  • Autocomplete search bar as primary navigation point
  • Transition and animations for each page UI
  • Responsive layout
  • Built entirely in Adobe Experience manager so full content control given to editors

CSS Grid

After researching various grid systems, we developed our own in-house grid to the specifications of the design team. The grid system was lighter and incorporated animation effects which could be controlled by content team


Data layer introduced to interact with analytics API. The data layer allows a single point for getting and setting analytic tags. The data layer was made flexible to allow change of Analytic solution in the future without impacting all pages

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