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I worked as a Newsletter Producer at Responsibilities include coding, reporting and analysis, databases to list aquisituon.

aol uk


Jaspaul worked at AOL (UK) Limited as a Web Producer to work across the European AOL sites and develop consumer facing online content areas for the AOL UK Audience Business. Involved in all phases of production from concept to implementation

Work directly with Haoming Yau to take full control of all web aspects from setting up the server to developing the end product. This was a very interesting project which is a great asset to my career and has allowed me to network with different people including Professor Alec Reed.

Shagun Wedding services

Development of a on-line presence and wedding service website. This was a very interesting project as the requirements were to have rich multimedia images and animation, audio yet at the same time keeping the file size to a minimum.

JSSBB Online

Jaspaul’s role was to administer and maintain the website and database while at the same time develop and improve the current solutions by developing new applications such as content management system, improving speed, automating tasks

Jaspaul worked as web/ database developer directly with everyone to take assist in projects for 3 main projects and create programs that will help to capture more users.


Jaspaul worked as a web developer and help maintain a database driven site and weekly publications of the news. This was my first real appointment in the field of programming/ databases and Chris Setz played a major factor in my decision to pursue the role of web developing and gave me a big interest in the field.



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